Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ways to San Jose

The final performance of Ways to San Jose was last night before an enthusiastic audience at the SJSU Theatre. Conceived and directed by Professor David Terry and written and performed by students in his COMM 125P class (Ensemble Performance), the engaging one-hour show provided a wealth of perspectives on the place we call San Jose. Students danced, sang, shouted, discoursed, and pondered the various ways people construct and deconstruct the 10th largest U.S. city. Mercury/Gold/Prune Capital of the World? Biggest Burb on the Bay? Capital of Silicon Valley? Man-José? With so many claims to fame and such a diverse population, how is it that so much of the city manages to feel generic to many visitors and residents? Why is it that, despite large influxes of investment capital, attempts to make San José a "cool" place to be have been met with such mixed reviews? The performers challenged the audience to consider these questions and many more. Congratulations to Prof. Terry and the students for an outstanding performance!!

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