Sunday, November 6, 2011

Forensics Awards from Paul Winters Invitational

The SJSU Forensics Team won 19 awards at the Paul Winters Invitational hosted by the University of Pacific on November 5 and 6. 41 schools competed, with 394 individual events entries and 177 debate. Here are the results:
  • Semi-finalist in Open Extemporaneous Speaking: Katrina Swanson
  • Semi-finalist in Open Prose Interpretation: Katrina Swanson
  • Finalist in Open Impromptu Speaking: Katrina Swanson
  • 4th place Novice Prose Interpretation: Kendall Ward
  • 4th place in Open Extemporaneous Speaking: David Khedry
  • 4th place Novice Dramatic Interpretation: Paulina Henderson
  • 3rd place Novice Extemporaneous Speaking: Avesta Sabetian
  • 3rd place Open Communication Analysis: Matt Zweier
  • 2nd place Novice Poetry Interpretation: Kendall Ward
  • 2nd place Novice Prose Interpretation: Victoria Lopez
  • 2nd place Novice Dramatic Interpretation: Victoria Lopez
  • 1st place Novice Poetry Interpretation: David Miles III
  • 1st place Open Duo Interpretation: Matt Zweier & Aaron Correll
  • 3rd place overall individual sweepstakes award: Katrina Swanson (out of 394 entries!)
  • 20th place speaker (out of 56) in Junior Division Parliamentary Debate: Matt Zweier
  • 18th place speaker (out of 56) in Junior Division Parliamentary Debate: Katrina Swanson
  • Quarterfinalist in Junior Division Parliamentary Debate: Matt Zweier & Katrina Swanson
Because of the strength of SJSU Forensics team's showing at the Paul Winters Invitational, we were awarded 2nd place 4-year school sweepstake award.

As both Paul Winters and Mustang Invitationals happened the same weekend, the combined awards from both tournaments resulted in a 4th place combined 4-year school sweepstake award! We are all so proud of all the competitors and how well they represented San Jose State and the COMM department!

Go Spartans!

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